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  • 11 Oct 2019

    There are only a handful of spaces left for the OpenMinds 2019 Conference. Currently, more than 995 members from 53 forums around the world have registered! Some of the 17 amazing Behind the Scenes are already SOLD OUT. If you still intend to register, don’t delay! REGISTER TODAY

  • 10 Oct 2019

    Based on current registration (now more than 950 and anticipating 1,000), we will need additional hosts for the Dine Arounds on November 14.  Many of you are already hosting in your homes or clubs and we’re thrilled. Now we are also looking for hosts, as we’ve secured additional dining rooms at condo party rooms, clubs, and other similar locations.

    Given the need for more venues, we’ve widened the radius from the hotel to 12 km. If you are able to host in your home, a condo party room, a corporate dining room, or a club that you belong to, we’d love to hear from you! We’ve engaged an excellent caterer, Food Dudes, to provide meals and wines. All you need to do is set your table for groups of 8 to 12!
    We appreciate everything you’re doing to make this conference a wonderful experience for all attendees! To assist, contact Brenda or Judi

  • 09 Oct 2019

    The Communications and the Membership Committees and Executive would like to thank everyone for participating in the ongoing research initiatives. More than half of you completed the e-survey, which is a great uptake.  Stay tuned for Chapter engagement sessions, which will be underway in the coming weeks.